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Two Groom Wedding – Can You Wear White?

More states are now recognizing same-sex marriages.  We now find ourselves navigating through unfamiliar and new social rules.  The question of wearing white to a wedding with two grooms is not new in regard to traditional rules.  Even though there … Continue reading

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No Cell Phones in the Restroom

Restrooms are not appropriate places for cell phone conversations.  The last time I checked, the bathroom stall did not replace the phone booth.  Is there no modesty anywhere, any more? I don’t want to hear your phone conversation while doing … Continue reading

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Be Courteous in the Gym

I was the only person exercising in the fitness center early this morning when a married couple walked in.  Without asking, they turned the lights off, changed the television station, and sprayed a disinfectant on the machines nearby creating a … Continue reading

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Miss USA 2009 Pageant – 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

As a pageant coach and a former Mrs. Ohio USA title holder, I am constantly working to educate the public that not all beauty contestants are empty minded bombshells.   Gone are the days when questions are answered with canned answers … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope today brings you joy, happiness, and togetherness, with your friends and family.

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“Thank You” Can Make A Spiritual Connection

A prayer is a means of communicating on a spiritual level.  Prayers do not need to be lengthy or complicated.  Two words imperative to proper etiquette can also be a very simple prayer.  These two words are thank you. Saying … Continue reading

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Being Seated For Lunch or Dinner

As I watched the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, I was very surprised to see the difficulty the banquet managers had getting the guests to take their seats at the Inaugural Luncheon.  While millions of Americans watched, political officials, high … Continue reading

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“I Need You To…Say Please”

My husband and I recently refinanced our home with a mortgage company.  If you’ve ever been through a home closing or a refinancing, you know there are many papers to sign and the process can take up to an hour. … Continue reading

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An Exemplary Example of Etiquette

Good etiquette is not snobbish or upper crust as many would presume.  Good etiquette costs nothing except an occasional few minutes of your time.  Good etiquette is not obvious, but leaves a lasting impression. If you are good with etiquette, … Continue reading

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Driving Etiquette – Merging Traffic Must Yield

I drive on expressways daily and am always cautious of merging traffic.  I frequently witness acts of rudeness and road rage as drivers attempt to make a spot for themselves in traffic whether they have the right of way or … Continue reading

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