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Eloping – Wedding Announements

Q: My fiance and I are considering to elope.   How should we announce our big news to family and friends? A: If you prefer to elope or have an intimate wedding, send announcements or invitations to a reception after the … Continue reading

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Go Ahead and Enjoy Your S’more

Some foods bring back childhood memories.  For that reason alone, they are just fun to eat.  The chocolate s’more is one of those foods.  The name conjures thoughts of a sticky, gooey, chocolate goodness.  When asked about the etiquette of … Continue reading

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How to Properly Eat a Chicken Wing

I grew up in the Buffalo, NY area where the Buffalo chicken wing was invented.  There, chicken wings are a staple food at most casual social events.   I always thought knowing how to eat a chicken wing was an innate … Continue reading

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Last Name Not Required for Royals

As the world waits to learn the name of the new royal baby born to Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, they are waiting for a first name only.  Royals are not required to have a last … Continue reading

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Glass vs. Bottle/Can When Drinking Beer

  The most appropriate way to consume any beverage is from a glass.  However, Americans thoroughly enjoy kicking back while sipping on a cold beer from a can or bottle. Drinking beer from a can or bottle is fine if … Continue reading

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Addressing The Pope

      In a mailing address: His Holiness, Pope Francis or His Holiness The Pope In Correspondence: Your Holiness or Most Holy Father  Introductions: His Holiness, The Pope In Conversation: Most Holy Father or Your Holiness

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Knock Before Entering

If a door is closed to a space that may be occupied, always knock before entering.  This includes, but is not limited to, offices, bedrooms, dressing/fitting rooms, lavatory stalls, hotel rooms and hospital rooms. Yesterday, I was trying on clothing … Continue reading

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Personal Problems in a Professional Setting

Do not bring personal problems to the office.  Leave them at home. If your coworkers are your friends, wait until you are outside the office to discuss  your personal matters.

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Re-gifting Rules

I am not an advocate of re-gifting.  However, I know re-gifting is a common practice during the holiday season.  If you must re-gift, here are a few guidelines to follow: Don’t re-gift used items.  Gifts must be new and in … Continue reading

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Give Driving 100% of Your Attention

When we sit behind a steering wheel, we are taking on the responsibility of propelling at least a ton of metal through space.  The higher the speed, the higher the force of impact that ton of metal has on any … Continue reading

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