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“I Have to Say”

Never begin a speech or sentence with, “I have to say”. You do not have to say anything. Pay heed to the words in the self portrait of 17th century Italian Baroque painter, Salvatore Rosa, “Aut tace aut loquere meliora … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch This – Car Etiquette

If you are a passenger in a vehicle, do not touch the stereo. Do not change the station, the volume, or the source. You may only touch the stereo if the driver says, “Would you like to select the music?”, … Continue reading

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10 Habits of Genuinely Charming People

LinkedIn Influencer Jeff Haden published this post originally on LinkedIn. Sure, everyone knows blunt, impolite, and even rude people who are somehow extremely successful. I know a bunch of them. But since we’re all more likely to build professional and personal relationships and … Continue reading

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Dayton Daily News – Ideas & Voices Article – 3-11-12

AN EXPERT OPINION It’s easier to blame others than to look at ourselves By Sandra Hyde As an etiquette coach, I am frequently asked if Americans are less civil today than in the past. It’s difficult to answer this question … Continue reading

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What Can Happen When Cell Phone Etiquette Runs Amuck

I spend a great deal of time informing you of proper etiquette rules.   Occasionally, I point out why these rules are necessary.  Rarely, do I hypothesize about what could happen if etiquette is not followed. Today I would like to … Continue reading

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What NOT to Wear – Personal Grooming Tips

You should always look presentable when you leave your house.   This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines, but do take the time and effort to look presentable.  You never know who you might run into – … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Replace the Paper!

It doesn’t matter if it’s computer paper, paper towels, fax paper, copier paper or toilet paper.  If you use the last sheet or see the paper level is getting low, always remember to replace or refill it.  If you’re in … Continue reading

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Conversation – Do Not Comment on Physical Appearances

I recently attended a social event where I overheard someone greet an elderly woman by saying, “You’re so skinny.  Are you okay?”  The expression on the elderly woman’s face was one of shock and she was obviously at a loss … Continue reading

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Be Considerate When Sending Large E-mail Attachments

Please don’t send a large e-mail attachment without the recipient’s approval or prior knowledge. You don’t want to annoy someone because their computer is inoperable while they wait for your file to download.  It’s also possible they don’t have the … Continue reading

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Be Prepared to Order When Dining Out

A restaurant server is very busy and has many tables to tend to.   Please be considerate of the server’s time as well as the other dining guests by knowing what you would like to order when the server asks. If … Continue reading

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