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Revovling Doors

When entering and exiting a revolving door, these etiquette tips will help you navigate through the door with ease. 1.  If the door is in motion, a higher ranking or older person should enter first. 2.  If the door is … Continue reading

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Putting Green Etiquette – Golf Etiquette

Here are a few putting green etiquette guidelines provided by the USGA. 1.  Avoid walking on another player’s line of putt or casting a shadow on that line, and the area extending beyond the hole, while the player is making … Continue reading

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Maintain Appropriate Subject Headings – E-mail Etiquette

When sending e-mail messages, be sure the subject heading is directly related to the topic of the conversation. If you are communicating with someone about a topic and change that topic, change the subject heading as well and start a … Continue reading

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TV Off When Entertaining

Unless you’re having a party to specifically watch a sporting event, movie, or other show, the television should be turned off when entertaining guests.

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Honking the Horn

Only use your vehicle horn if you are in a vehicle and need to alert others you pose a dangerous threat to them. Sounding your vehicle horn does not remedy a traffic jam. Sounding your horn to communicate your road … Continue reading

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How To Use A Wedge Of Lemon

If you are served a wedge of lemon to flavor tea, iced tea, fish, or other foods, you may want to squeeze the lemon in the drink or on the food. Gently squeeze the juice of  the lemon on the … Continue reading

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Be A Good Sport

No one likes to be around a poor loser or a gloating winner.  It’s important to use good etiquette skills when playing sports. To be a good loser: 1. Thank the other player or team members for playing a good … Continue reading

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Arrive Before the Bride

When attending a wedding ceremony, it is proper etiquette to arrive before the bride walks down the aisle. I recently attended a ceremony where the wedding coordinator had to lock the church doors as the bride began to take her … Continue reading

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Do Not Wander When Dining Out

While on a date or dining with a group, do not leave your table to wander around the restaurant and visit with others. It’s acceptable to excuse yourself from the table to visit the restroom, but make it a direct … Continue reading

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Closet Staples for Men

Men should make an investment purchase for a few must-haves in their closets.  These items may be worn for business meetings, job interviews, social events, and religious ceremonies.  By initially spending a little bit more for quality clothing and accessories, … Continue reading

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