Michelle Obama’s DNC Dress Inappropriate

The dress First Lady Michelle Obama selected to wear to deliver her speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention was absolutely lovely.  It was flattering, well fitted, flowed nicely, and striking in color.

However, the sleeveless choice was not appropriate for the business professional setting of the Democratic National Convention.  In fact, sleeveless clothing of any type is inappropriate in any professional setting.

At a time when the job market is tough, I’m disappointed the First Lady did not set a good example for women looking for a role model  to help them enter the professional workforce.

Mrs. Obama, you’ve worked hard for those fit arms, but please wait to show them off in a social or casual setting.

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2 Responses to Michelle Obama’s DNC Dress Inappropriate

  1. Dawn Waldrop says:

    A national speaker, author, & image expert for twenty five years totally agreed the sleeveless needs to go. As a role model and in the highest professional role as a woman she should never be in sleeveless. Long sleeves creates power and the highest level of professionalism. 3/4 length sleeve creates more approachability. Women work too hard to be respected. Sleeveless will NEVER be considered professional. Our younger women need excellent role models. Unfortunately every time she wears sleeveless people are talking about her lack of professionalism in the sleeveless and not hearing what she has to say. Dressing professional is a learned skill and must be taught it is not about fashion or trends.

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