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Former Mrs. Ohio USA to Offer Pageant Coaching

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Sandra Muskopf Hyde, president and founder of the Etiquette School of Ohio, has announced the school will now offer coaching to women 13 years of age or older preparing for beauty pageants.

A former Mrs. Ohio USA and Mrs. USA top ten finalist, Sandra has judged pageants throughout the United States including the New York State and Ohio Jr. Miss Programs, and the Mrs. Ohio International Pageant. As New York State’s Jr. Miss choreographer, she was charged with the responsibility to help all the contestants be their best on and off stage.

Ms. Muskopf Hyde holds years of experience as a professional model, public relations specialist, fitness professional, college professional presentation instructor and college career services director. Her pageant knowledge and expertise has helped many individuals meet their personal goals winning in both the pageant and professional world.

For more information, contact the Etiquette School of Ohio at 937-469-4800 or [email protected].



Client – Sharon Witmer- Mrs. Ohio United States 2009 – 2010

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  1. Kiana Kaelin says:

    I was hoping to get into the pageant world. I am a late bloomer and need pageant coaching in order to ever be at the same level as the other women. Are you still serving people with pageant etiquette classes?

  2. Sheri Depoy says:

    My girls are intrested in pagents and wanted to get involved i was wondering if you could tell me how to get them started and what i need to get them started.

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