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Crying Babies Etiquette

Children ar<img src=’′ style=’width:142.73702422145px;height:151px;margin-top:0px;margin-left:0px;position:absolute;left:0;top:0′ alt=”/>e not born with proper manners.  They must be taught these skills as they grow and become ready to practice them in social situations.  Until children are able to execute proper manners on their own, their … Continue reading

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Concert/Theater Courtesy

I attended a Christmas concert a few nights ago and was shocked at the inconsiderate behavior of the audience members.  People stood up and walked around during the performance with no regard to other audience members or the performing group.  … Continue reading

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No Photography or Video Taping of a Live Performance – Theater Etiquette

Almost all live theaters restrict the use of photography and video taping of a performance.  You will usually find this rule written in the program and/or announced before a performance begins. Theaters are not making this request to make more … Continue reading

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Theater Etiquette – Greeting Performers After the Show

Happy New Year! I’m back at my desk after taking a 3 month hiatus to dance in the kick line of “Christmas Spectacular”.  Even though I wasn’t writing or lecturing during this time period, I was gathering a substantial amount … Continue reading

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