I was amazed with my son’s newly learned dining skills! His father and I are now proud to take him to a nice restaurant with us. Thank you for your help. – Rebecca B., Dayton, OH


You can’t imagine how proud I was when my daughter made all the appropriate introductions at her last open house. She had so much confidence. I don’t think I could have done the job any better.
Amy K., Kettering, OH


Sandy Muskopf Hyde, you are a miracle worker! I never imagined the dinner hour could be so civilized in our household. I was absolutely shocked when my son pulled my chair out for me! 
Brenda L., Centerville, OH


Dear Mrs. Muskopf Hyde, Thank you for helping me prepare for my job interview. At first I was so nervous, but then I thought of you. I remembered how you are always so poised and stand with so much confidence. Your professional presentation class helped me feel comfortable throughout the entire interview. Best of all, I got the job! Thanks again for your guidance, kindness, and patience.  Jessica H., Cincinnati, OH


My mother made me take your class. I didn’t want to because I thought dining etiquette would be boring. Now I’m glad I did take the class. You made the class fun and interesting. There was something new every time. My friends think I’m a dining expert and my grandparents are taking me to Cedar Point for doing so well! – Adam M. age 10, Columbus, OH


When is the next class for parents? Our children have more dining etiquette than we do!
Sarah S. Springboro, OH


I would like to take the time to thank you for coming to (our) Leadership Training Institute. Your workshop was vital to the success of the weekend. Thank you again!!! – Matt B., Chagrin Falls, OH


“Thank you for the educational presentation to the girls.  They truly enjoyed it.  Many of the parents commented on the information learned from the evening and how their daughters passed on the experience.”  –  Tina M., Cincinnati, OH

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  1. Kelly Barnett says:

    I am a brownie leader in Cincinnati and I am looking for meeting ideas for this fall. Would you have something that would work for 3rd grade girls during a Tuesday night meeting in Cinci?

    Thank you?

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