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Knock Before Entering

If a door is closed to a space that may be occupied, always knock before entering.  This includes, but is not limited to, offices, bedrooms, dressing/fitting rooms, lavatory stalls, hotel rooms and hospital rooms. Yesterday, I was trying on clothing … Continue reading

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Personal Problems in a Professional Setting

Do not bring personal problems to the office.  Leave them at home. If your coworkers are your friends, wait until you are outside the office to discuss  your personal matters.

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Match Communication Levels

Always respond to communication with the same or higher level of communication. For example, if you receive a phone message, respond with a phone call or a face-to-face contact.  Do not respond to a phone call with an e-mail.  It … Continue reading

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Flirtation in the Workplace

It is good practice to keep your personal life separate from your professional life.  Resist temptation to flirt with or date a co-worker. Occasionally, it is difficult for someone to resist the temptation to flirt and their object of attention … Continue reading

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Always Be a Good Ambassador

It is easy to forget we are always representing someone or something.   It may be your family, your company, your school, or most importantly, and frequently overlooked, yourself. Whenever we are in public or on social media, it is imperative … Continue reading

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Check Your Attitude Before Your Interview

Recent graduates are looking for employment and the competition is stiff in this tough economy.  New grads are competing not only against other grads, but seasoned employees who have lost their jobs due to downsizing. Something a recent graduate can … Continue reading

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Be Considerate When Sending Large E-mail Attachments

Please don’t send a large e-mail attachment without the recipient’s approval or prior knowledge. You don’t want to annoy someone because their computer is inoperable while they wait for your file to download.  It’s also possible they don’t have the … Continue reading

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Be Helpful at a Trade Show or Convention

When a company has a booth at a convention or trade show, it is viewed as a fixture and host to all visitors attending the event.   Company employees working in the booth are perceived to be knowledgeable about the event … Continue reading

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Please Wait Your Turn For Service

If you approach a customer service counter and see an associate or customer service representative speaking with another customer, do not barge up to the counter and interrupt their conversation. It is appropriate to stand aside or behind them and … Continue reading

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Interview Questions – “Tell me about yourself?”

This interview question used to be my least favorite of all the possible interview questions out there.  At first, it appears to vague.   However, if you give it some thought, it is a wonderful opportunity to sell yourself.  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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