07/07/07 May Be Lucky For Wedding Guests Too!

Reception halls and churches have been booked for over a year by couples who believe 07/07/07 is a lucky day to celebrate their weddings. “Time” magazine declared this date to be “the most popular wedding day ever”. Hopefully, a few wedding guests will be able to share in the luck of the day with the bride and groom.

A long time wedding tradition, rather than an etiquette ritual, is the tossing of the bridal bouquet. Superstition claims the single woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

This tradition originated hundreds of years ago in France. Women would tear off a piece of the bridal gown to keep for luck. Of course the brides were not happy about their torn gowns and eventually transitioned to giving away flowers from their bouquet. Today, brides have a small bouquet made specially for a bridal toss.

Get ready single ladies! This could be your lucky day!

Please do practice good etiquette by not pushing anyone down to get the bouquet. If you end up in a “jump ball” situation, give in, or it could result in a most unlucky day.

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