Supermarket Express Lane Cheaters

I was at a local supermarket this morning in hopes of getting in and out of the store quickly. I found my two items in no time and approached the checkout. This particular supermarket is known for always having an express lane open for 12 items or less, so I was confident I would not exceed my time limit.

Approaching the designated express checkout, I felt the joy a marathon runner must feel as they see the finish line in front of them and heard the theme song from “Chariots of Fire” playing in my head. Down the aisle, around the corner, and I was stopped dead in my tracks. Standing ahead of me was a woman with a full shopping cart. Full, as in quadruple the 12 item limit full. Not even an, “Oops, I missed counting a couple of items!”, full.

We’ve all experienced similar situations. What is proper protocol when you encounter an express lane cheater?

1. The cashier is responsible for informing the customer they are over the 12 item limit.

2. If the cashier fails to inform the customer of the limit, speak with the store manager as you leave the store.

3. Do not confront the cashier or the customer. Doing so would be impolite and cause additional delay for those behind you.

4. If this issue is not corrected in the future, you have the freedom to shop in another store.

If you choose to do nothing at all, you are allowing others to continue their rude and annoying behaviors.

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