Etiquette at the Hair Salon

Practicing good etiquette is more than knowing where your fork is or how to make introductions. It is a part of everything we do and say everyday. Etiquette shows respect for others as well as for yourself.

Today, I told my hair stylist about this site and he asked if I would deliver a message on behalf of all salons and stylists. Of course I politely agreed to help him in this area.

Salons schedule appointments in order to accomodate and pamper their customers to the best of their ability. An individual customer is paying for that particular block of time and services to be rendered.

If you should arrive to your appointment early, please wait in the reception area until you are invited to come back to the stylist’s station. Do not plop yourself down next to the stylist while he or she is finishing with their customer and strike up a conversation. This is distracting to the stylist as well as rude to the customer before you. I trust you would never do this at your doctor’s office.

Rumor has it, a hair stylist knows more personal secrets than any other friend or family member. Would you want a stranger dropping in on your most intimate conversations?

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