Accessorize Your Professional Image Carefully

You’ve taken a great deal of care purchasing the proper attire to achieve the perfect professional image. Make sure you take as much care choosing the appropriate accessories to complement your attire.

1. Skip the plastic pen and splurge on purchasing a professional looking pen.

2. Examine your watch. Is the band and face in good condition? Does it look professional or is it a casual sports watch? By the way, no Mickey Mouse or Ninja watches.

3. Computer cases, briefcases, and handbags should be in good condition.

4. The heels on your shoes should not be worn down. No scuff marks on shoes.

5. Wallets should be in good condition. Men may want to consider using a money clip for their bills and using a thin wallet for credit cards. This helps avoid the “bulging wallet in the back pocket look”.

6. Umbrellas should be in good condition. Solid and dark colors look more professional than floral prints and polka dots.

7. Leather belts should be well maintained.

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