Cell Phone Etiquette on the Golf Course

In a recent survey, golfers placed cell phones on the top ten least wanted list. Yes, the high tech, can’t live without it, cell phone was listed right along with mulligans, neglected bunkers, and unsolicited advise.

Cell phone etiquette on the golf course is very much like dining etiquette. You either know it or you don’t. If you’re participating in a business golf outing, you better know it.

For those of you who want to know it:

1. Turn the cell phone off while playing on the golf course. Clubs have very reliable staff members who will get a message to you in an emergency.

2. Turn the ringer off and the phone to vibrate if you must have the phone with you on the practice range. If you need to answer the phone, walk away from the practice area and lower your voice. An apology to the other golfers for the distraction would be appropriate.

3. Always have the cell phone turned off during tournament play if you’re a golfer or a spectator. In fact, cell phones are not allowed in PGA Tour events.

4. Some clubs do not allow cell phones in the clubhouse. If you’re a guest at a club, be sure to check the rules beforehand.

To learn more about cell phone etiquette, visit my July 5, 2007 posting on Basic Cell Phone Etiquette.

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