Phone Etiquette – Disconnected Calls

Have you ever been disconnected in the middle of a telephone conversation?  Or perhaps you were being transferred to another department and your call was dropped.  When a disconnection occurs, frequently both parties quickly try to call one another back only to get a busy signal because the person they are calling is on the line calling them.

Do you know who should return the call if it is disconnected?

The party who originally placed the phone call should call back. It doesn’t matter who caused the disconnection. This will help avoid the frustration of crossing lines and missing a call.

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One Response to Phone Etiquette – Disconnected Calls

  1. Princess says:

    This is very helpful information to know, since some people don’t even bother to call back at all. Apparently, such people are unaware that it is not polite a to leave the other party wondering/thinking that the disconnection was not an accident. There are also those people who desire to end a conversation, and instead of politely closing the conversation, simply hang-up without a word. Why do these people even call in the first place? Would you want to be treated this way? Do you want the other person to think you hung up on purpose? Surely not. I’m even polite to telemarketers. Kindness pays dividends. Hugs.

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