Personal Grooming – Fingernails

Fingernails should be maintained at all times. This includes both ladies and gentlemen.  The hand can divulge a great deal of information about someone’s personality and work habits.  Nails should be clean, evenly cut, and cuticles pushed back.

Professional manicures are not within everyone’s budget.  If you are able to get regular manicures, be sure the length and color of your manicure is appropriate for the professional environment you work in. Polishes which are clear, light pink, or traditional red are safe bets for all professions.  Stay away from fashion colors such as hot pink, bright purple, black, orange, or blue.  Also avoid elaborate designs painted on the nail.

Do not clip or pick at your nails in public. Remove polish as soon as it starts to chip.  If you have artificial nails, get them filled as soon as needed to avoid gaps between the cuticle and color.

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