Driving Etiquette – Hand Gestures

Nobody likes to be told they are #1 when the incorrect finger is used. (I’m referring to the middle finger.) It is inappropriate to give an aggressive hand gesture to anyone, especially when driving.

Displaying a nasty hand gesture does not correct the situation and it may distract the other driver risking the safety of others on the road. Today’s drivers are aggressive enough without aggravating them more with your non-verbal gestures. Would you do this to someone face-to-face if they annoyed you at the supermarket while driving their shopping cart?

We must remember to practice patience on the road. Try to think of the person who is annoying you as a family member such as a mother or father. Would you want someone to flip the finger at them?

I always try to right a wrong. If someone “flips the bird” at me, I simply smile and wave hoping I can make their day a better one.

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