Dating Etiquette – Picking Your Date Up

Here are a few guidelines to make a good impression when picking your date up.

1. Park the car and walk to the door. Do not sit out front honking the horn. This is disrespectful to your date and annoying to the neighbors.

2. If someone other than your date opens the door, introduce yourself if it is a first date and always exchange pleasant greetings. This person is looking for first impressions too and will not be shy in sharing them with your date later on. If a pet should also greet you, being nice to them can make a lasting impression.

3. Say something nice, preferably flattering, to your date.

4. Be sure to say good-bye to anyone present at the time of your departure. Don’t walk out as if they didn’t exist.

5. Walk your date to the car and open the door for her. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you opened the car door for her throughout the evening as well. For the married men, your wives would appreciate having the car door opened for her too.

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