Dating Etiquette – Taking Your Seat at the Theater

Unknown to many, there are rules for taking your seat at the theater.

1.  Always take your seat before the house lights are dimmed. Many theaters will not allow you to be seated once the lights are lowered.

2.  If an usher is showing you to your seat, the lady walks behind the usher and ahead of the gentleman.

3.  If there is not an usher, the gentleman walks ahead of the lady.

4.  If already seated, please stand when others wish to pass by. It is quite uncomfortable to climb over the feet and knees of perfect strangers.  Of course you should always say “Please excuse me” and “Thank you” when asking this favor of a seated patron.

5.  Do not leave your seat once the performance has started unless there is an emergency. If you should leave your seat during a performance, most theaters will not allow you to return to your seat while the production is in performance.

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