Professional Presentation – Eye Contact

In my children’s etiquette classes, I require each student to give a short presentation standing in front of a small group. During the presentation, I require them to have eye contact with every person present.

Professionals should do the same during their presentations or when speaking during a meeting. Make eye contact with every individual in the room.  If you are sitting at a boardroom table, be careful not to forget the individuals sitting directly beside you. It may even be necessary for you to lean forward to see the individuals seated further down your side of the table.

When speaking to a large group, mentally divide the room into three sections: left side, middle, and right side. Do the same for the balcony if people are seated in this area. Look at each of these sections throughout your presentation. This will give the audience the perception you are including everyone in your presentation and not speaking only to those directly in front of you.

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