Non-verbal Communicaton – Your Stance

People form an opinion about you within the first seven seconds of visual contact with you. It is imperative you are always aware of your body language to give a good first impression.

When standing, consider the following guidelines:

1. Stand with a straight back, shoulders back, and head lifted to convey self-confidence. Do not lean on objects to help prop you up.

2. Hands should rest comfortably at your sides. Avoid placing your hands in your pockets. If you feel the need to do something with your hands, clasp them behind your back. Doing so will help your posture and make you appear approachable. Clasping your hands in front rounds your shoulders decreasing the perception of confidence.

3. Do not cross your arms in front. Non-verbally, you are closing the lines of communication.

4. Stand with both feet firmly planted on the floor. Crossing your legs at the ankles makes you appear insecure.

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