Chewing Gum Etiquette

There is nothing wrong with chewing gum if it is done quietly and discreetly. However, many people believe chewing gum is socially inappropriate. They most likely formed this opinion because so many people chew their gum with all the annoying special effects of popping, snapping, and bubble blowing.

We should be tolerant of others chewing gum because it may have replaced a smoking habit which is saving their lives. On the other hand, gum chewers should be considerate of those around them.

Try to limit your gum chewing to the times when you are alone in your office or cubicle. Avoid chewing gum in a meeting or when talking on the phone. Never chew gum in the theater. Even though you may be chewing it quietly, the motion of your jaw may be distracting in your neighbor’s peripheral vision.

Finally, when you dispose of your gum, wrap it in paper and throw it in a trash container. It does not belong on the sidewalk or under a chair.

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