Hosting a Dinner When the Electricity Goes Out

I was attending a large corporate holiday party in Chicago and had to negotiate my way through an ice and snow storm to get to the event. A challenge most Chicagoans are use to. Just as the guests began to arrive, the electricity went out at the banquet center due to heavy ice accumulation.

My first thought was the party would have to be canceled, so I began mentally preparing myself for a treacherous drive back to the hotel. None of the guests moved because the facility was so dark we couldn’t see a thing.

Much to our surprise, staff members began emerging from the kitchen with lit candles. Moments later, the entire center glowed in candlelight. It was one of the most beautiful impromptu decorating jobs I had ever seen.

The cocktail hour was extended, salads were served, and the kitchen staff utilized this extra time to prepare meals for over 250 guests. Bravo!

Should the electricity go out at your dinner party, go with the flow and follow the example of the banquet center. Light candles throughout the house, prepare and serve what you can, and enjoy the glow of candlelight.

I’m sure the evening will be enjoyed by all. It will probably be an unforgettable and most talked about event because of your ability to handle it with poise and confidence.

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