Chewing Gum in School

It has been brought to my attention a school district is considering to make a ruling on whether or not chewing gun is allowed in school.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting regarding chewing gum, there is nothing inherently wrong with chewing gum. However, those chewing gum need to be considerate of those around them. Here are a few guidelines to follow when chewing gum. Students, if you want to be allowed to chew gum in school, you should be willing to be responsible enough to follow these guidelines.

1. Chew with your mouth closed.

2. Do not make your chewing audible. No popping, cracking, or snapping.

3. Do not blow bubbles in public.

4. Do not mimic a cow chewing its cud. Keep your chewing undetectable.

5. Dispose of your gum properly. It should be wrapped and thrown in a trash receptacle.

6. People chew gum for several reasons. The most common are to freshen breath, alleviate stress, and to break a smoking or eating habit. Do you know why you chew gum? Is it for a good reason or just an annoying habit?

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