Undergarments Should be an Understatement

In today’s fashion industry, it is sometimes difficult to determine if certain pieces of attire are to be worn under or over other pieces of clothing. Young adults are wearing undergarments over garments and readily show more than just the formerly dreaded visible pantie line from rear end views.

What has happened to our modesty? Whether you call them undergarments, underwear, or foundations, they are defined as clothing worn next to the skin under other clothing. These garments are designed to enhance the look and fit of our clothing and should not be seen.

I like to compare it to a theatrical performance. Do you want to see the backstage crew changing the scenery and hanging the lights or do you want to enjoy the magic and beauty of the theater as it effortlessly appears before our eyes?

I know the younger generations don’t believe in always wearing the appropriate undergarment – think Britney Spears and her friends – but following these guidelines can work magic without exercise and dieting.

1. Not only wear a bra, but wear the correct size of bra. There should not be any skin bulging over the sides of the bra and the back strap should not be riding up. Please, give our ladies a fighting chance against gravity. Once they are stretched out, they never recover.

2. If you are wearing a sheer or lightweight fabric, consider a bra with light padding to keep your headlights turned off.

3. Wear a bra close in color to your blouse or top. Beige works well under white clothing. I don’t want to see a black bra with a white blouse or white bra with a black top.

4. Hide the straps. Wear a strapless bra with camisole and strapless tops. If you’re wearing a top with a racer back cut, choose a racer back bra. Don’t use clear straps. They’re still straps that are showing.

5. No VPL – Visible Pantie Lines. Check your rear view before leaving the house. There are so many products out there promising no pantie lines – find them. Thongs are also an option. Try wearing shape wear or pantyhose under your clothing. If the lines still show, perhaps you’re wearing your clothing too tightly. Most importantly, I don’t want to see your underwear when you bend forward. I don’t care how cute they are.

6. Got junk in the trunk or tummy bulge? There is new and improved comfortable shape wear out there. Take five pounds off instantly!

7. Wear a slip under dresses and skirts, especially those unlined. It will help the fabric fall nicely, eliminate static cling and avoids giving a light shadow show. Be sure to wear a black slip with dark clothing and a white or beige slip with lightly colored clothing. If there is a slit in the skirt, the slip should also have a slit to be positioned accordingly.

8. Gentlemen should wear undershirts under their shirts. I do not want to see your chest hair or headlights.

9. Guys, whether you wear boxers or briefs, make sure they fit correctly. No VPL and nothing that resembles carrying a load from the rear view. Don’t wear dark underwear with lightly colored clothing. Wear your slacks high enough on your waist so what you’re wearing underneath remains a mystery.

10. Males and females should both be sure nothing is jiggling or swinging when exercising. I prefer not to see the visual, but most importantly protect your health and body parts. There are garments specifically designed for the heavy duty stress of exercising. Please, oh please, do wear them under your exercise attire. You wouldn’t run a marathon in flip flops would you?

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