Funeral Processions – Funeral Etiquette

Funeral processions are part of a burial ritual in Christian faiths. They are typically a solemn event displaying a sense of dignity and respect for the deceased and their loved ones.

It is unfortunate that people who are not part of a funeral ceremony frequently fail to show respect for those in mourning when a funeral procession drives down a street.

This past weekend, I was a member of a funeral procession when an inconsiderate driver cut into the funeral procession right in front of me. I tried to forgive him thinking he didn’t realize what he had done and he would surely pull off to the side of the road once he realized he was driving in the middle of a funeral procession.

Sadly, he knew exactly what he had done and never pulled over. He continued to drive in the procession for over three miles taking advantage of going through red lights and stop signs. The driver of my car tried flashing his lights and honking the horn to alert this man of what he had done only to get the middle finger waved back at him.

The grieving process is quite emotional. The stress caused by rude and inconsiderate people is an unnecessary and unwelcomed emotion.

Mr. Funeral Procession Crasher, I’m sorry the funeral procession was poorly timed to slow down your commute. I hope the following day’s commute went much better. I wish my friend had one more day to commute along with you. As you are aware, his last commute was the procession you cut in to.

In observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, may we be grateful for all of our ancestors who had a dream and made a positive difference in our lives before passing on.

Joey, may you rest in peace.

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