How To Remember Names After An Introduction

I am frequently asked for suggestions to help remember names after an introduction.

1. Repeat the name of the person you are being introduced to. This will help you remember the name and allow the person to correct you in case you misheard the name. For example, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mary.” “I’m sorry. I must not have said it clearly. My name is Carrie.” “Thank you, Carrie.”

2. Use the person’s name in conversation. You will not only reinforce your memory, but will help others involved in the conversation remember the name. Besides, everyone loves to hear their name spoken. An example; “Brian, did you know Carrie is a student at the University of Dayton studying economics?”

3. Write the name down as soon as you can after the event. A written reminder will help you remember the name for future meetings. If you are sitting at a meeting, you might want to write the name of individuals down during introductions.

4. Silently repeat the name several times to yourself. If you’re standing alone in the beverage line or waiting to register for the event, look around and silently repeat the names of anyone you’ve been introduced to.

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