How To Handle A Greeting When An Incorrect Name Is Used

My first name is Sandy. Occasionally, someone will greet me using an incorrect name such as Mandy or Candy. Either they incorrectly heard my name when we were initially introduced, or they were pretty close at remembering it.

When someone approaches me and says, “Good to see you again Mandy”, I simply extend my hand and say, “Sandy Hyde. It’s nice to see you again too Chris.”

By correctly stating your name in your greeting you have reciprocated the greeting as well as diplomatically corrected the individual so they will not continue to use an incorrect name throughout the conversation. You definitely don’t want to let this person introduce you to someone else incorrectly and correct them in front of that person.

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  1. David Esrati says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Candy, you don’t know how many times people get my name wrong 🙂

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