Funeral Etiquette – Corsages

I have recently been asked about the appropriateness of wearing flowers to a funeral. Please let me make it very clear, it is inappropriate to wear corsages or boutonnières at a funeral.

This is a somber occasion and the wearing of flowers symbolizes celebration.

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  2. Patricia says:

    I agree for the most part, but at some funerals the family want it to be a celebration of the person’s life. I think we should go by the family’s lead. If they are looking at it as a celebration and want happy songs and people to wear bright colours and really celebrate their loved one’s life then that should be respected.

    I for one would not want everyone to be all somber and black at my funeral. I wore red at my aunt’s funeral as that was her favourite colour so I did it as something special for her. She had a dozen red roses on her casket and we dressed her in red. That was her and she would have loved it.

    Just some thoughts…


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