PDA – Public Displays of Affection

Yesterday, I was walking down the hall of a high school and was totally embarrassed. There were displays of public affection every few feet. I’m not referring to hand holding or a quick peck on the cheek. These were actual make out sessions!

Sharing your affection for someone is a personal matter and should be done in private. If the students I witnessed displaying their affection did not have a private setting to do this in, perhaps this is a hint they should not be doing it at all.

Students are not the only guilty ones. I also see adults partaking in this activity in public places.

Holding hands, a hug or quick peck on the cheek during a greeting or good-bye are acceptable and should be the limit to PDA.

Showing attentiveness and respect to someone can be a much stronger and appropriate confirmation of your commitment to another individual than swapping spit.

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