Where Is Your Bread Plate And Water Glass?

It is not uncommon to see place settings very close together in an effort to seat as many people at one table as possible.  This is not the appropriate manner in which to set a table, but when we encounter this type of setting, we must know which bread plate and water glass is our own.

An easy way to remember where your settings are is to think of the luxury BMW car.

While sitting at the table read the BMW left to right as you normally read.  The letters stand for the following:

B – Bread plate

M – Meal or main plate

W – Water

You will never have to guess again!

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2 Responses to Where Is Your Bread Plate And Water Glass?

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you. Finally, a way to know which glass and bread plate is mine. I have gone to a few dinner outings that were cramped with as many of us at the table as possible. BMW. I will remember that.


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