How To Hold Or Carry Gloves

The subject matter of my posts often come from recent experiences in my life. This is how I selected today’s topic, “How To Hold Or Carry Gloves”.

I am performing in a local community theater production and the chorus girls are required to wear gloves. During one of the musical numbers, they must take the gloves off and carry them. Of course, I was quick to share the proper etiquette for carrying gloves with the showgirls and would like to share this etiquette lesson with you as well. Even though we infrequently wear gloves in a social setting anymore, we do wear them in cold weather and the same rules do apply.

When carrying or holding gloves, hold them by the fingers. This keeps the visual image very neat and organized. If you were to hold them at the wrist end, the fingers would be flapping and look sloppy.

Did you know there is a glove flirtation code? For example, if a lady drops one glove, she is saying yes. If she drops both gloves, it means, “I love you”.  Don’t jump to any conclusions too quickly.  In today’s world, she may have very well dropped the glove because her hands were full.

Perhaps for fun, I’ll share the entire code with you in a future post.

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