The Dessert Fork and Spoon

If you see a fork and spoon positioned on the table above your plate, it does not mean the host was so considerate to have given you a choice of dessert utensils.  It means you will be served a dessert that includes a solid food with sauce or ice cream such as pie a la mode or cake with a rich chocolate sauce drizzled over it.  If both utensils are set on the table, you should use both utensils to dine.

The handle of the fork will be facing your left hand and the handle of the spoon will be facing your right hand.  Once the dessert is served, pull both utensils in the direction of the handles to each side of your plate.  In formal settings, the server may pull the utensils down for you.

Pick up both utensils at the same time.  Holding the spoon in your right hand, cut down through your dessert.  Holding the fork with the tines down in your left hand, push the bite size piece into the face of the spoon.  Rotate the face of the spoon to face up so it holds the bite of food and lift it to your mouth.  As you’re taking a bite, the fork remains in your left hand level with the plate.

By using this dining technique, you will not miss a bit of a scrumptious dessert.

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