Chinese Introductions

The world’s eyes are on China during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, so I thought it would be interesting to offer some Chinese etiquette tips during the next two weeks in case your travels may take you there.

When you are introduced in China, do not respond with any body contact such as hugging, touching, shaking hands or kissing. These gestures are not used in the Chinese business culture. Instead, simply bow your head slightly to acknowledge the introduction.

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  1. Vitalka says:

    Yes, Chinese people never allow us to use our national customs and habits… But if you act as they usually act in their tradition – then you’ll have a chance to be a good friend soon.
    Find a right place at the table, do all that guest should do – it’s a part of pretty difficult work with Chinese business people (rather say – with all Chinese people). Showing respect to Chinese Business culture – you’ll get their resect too.

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