Table Settings – The Centerpiece

The centerpiece is placed in the exact center of the table. It should be low enough so guests on opposite sides of the table can see each other and easily converse without having to lean around or strain to look over the centerpiece.  To the right is a floral arrangement made by Martha Stewart.

Fresh flowers are always appropriate for a formal setting, but centerpieces may include a wide variety of items. A favorite piece of china or glass may be used as well as a collection of items such as ornaments or small statues.

One of my favorite centerpieces was created by Peggy Newfield, the founder of the American School of Protocol. She used a variety of wooden safari animals with greenery to create a fabulous table for the students’ formal graduation dinner.

Use your imagination to create a centerpiece that may spark dinner conversations. However, whatever you do, never use artificial plastic flowers.

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