Changing Daipers in Public Spaces

A baby’s timing is always just right for them, but not always ideal for adults.  If you find yourself in a public space and need to change a baby’s diaper, (please do change it rather than waiting), find a discreet location.

Seeking a restroom should be your first plan.  If a restroom is not available, try to find a location away from other people such as a corner of a room or behind a shade tree.

Once the diaper is changed, remember to dispose of the diaper properly so you don’t leave any lingering aromatic traces of your task.

Please avoid using a dining table or any other commonly used furniture at all costs.  This past week, I was dining in a restaurant at a very nice vacation resort when a couple changed their baby’s diaper on the table and  then left the soiled diaper on the table as well.  Needless to say, my appetite quickly diminished.

Always make the care of your baby a priority, but please be aware and considerate of the people around you.

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