Sending Flowers To A Patient In The Hospital

If you send or bring flowers to a patient in the hospital, please make sure the flowers are in a container.  Most hospitals do not have extra containers available to place the flowers in.

Also, make sure the patient is not allergic to any flowers and check to make sure they are allowed in the room.  Many intensive care units do not allow plants or flowers in the rooms.

There is not a great deal of surface area to place flowers or plants on so consider sending a small arrangement.

Depending on the condition of the patient, you may want to consider bringing a magazine or newspaper for the patient to enjoy instead of flowers.

You may also want to consider sending flowers to the patients home while they are recovering instead of sending them to the hospital.   It is sometimes difficult to transport flowers from the hospital to their home.

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  1. There is research that indicates that flowers and floral art help relieve anxiety and can make people feel better. So flowers and floral art for a patient in the hospital or recovering at home is certainly a welcome gift.

    You never can go wrong asking your florist to design loose cut flowers in lovely glassware. In that way the flowers are presented professionally and there’s no need to ask hospital staff for a container….

    Some lilies have very strong fragrance. Depending upon the patient it may be a good idea to avoid that particular kind of flower in hospitals if you think that they will make the patient nauseous. There are plenty of other wonderful floral options….Lilies can be used in many other lovely designs when a strong fragrance is not a problem…

    A small arrangement may be appropriate in a smaller room, but do keep in mind that florists can stylize even small arrangements in a wide range of price points from inexpensive to very elaborate depending upon your budget and desires.

    I would never suggest a magazine or newspaper in place of flowers. Instead consider bringing a magazine or newspaper to the patient as a nice ADDITION TO flowers. That way the patient can BOTH read the magazine, AND enjoy viewing the floral art.

    In fact, if you want to send something unique that is sure to get reaction, consider asking your florist to incorporate a magazine right INTO a vase arrangement! In that way the patient gets a unique novelty floral offering, that includes the magazine!

    Many patients will give their flowers to others in the hospital when they leave. Flowers are an appropriate gift to send BOTH while someone is in the hospital AS WELL AS while they are recovering at home…….. Flowers and floral art give a real psychological boost!

    Dr. Stephen Rittner
    Rittners School of Floral Design
    Boston, MA

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