Funeral Etiquette – What Does “In Lieu of Flowers” Mean?

When you read the words “in lieu of flowers” in an obituary, it means the family is requesting you make a contribution to a charity instead of sending flowers to the family.  It is strongly suggested you respect the family’s wishes. The charitable contribution may be one of the ways the family finds comfort as they work through their grief.

Even though the family has requested a charitable donation in lieu of flowers, you may still see flowers at the funeral home or church.  These flowers were most likely sent by immediate family members and close relatives.

When sending a donation in lieu of flowers, the amount of the donation should be equal to or slightly greater than the amount you would have spent on flowers since you will have a tax donation for the contribution.

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4 Responses to Funeral Etiquette – What Does “In Lieu of Flowers” Mean?

  1. bob says:

    when no charity is specified, how to advise the family that a donation has been made….

    maybe send a card with the note “a donation has been made in her memory to the Red Cross”????

    it would seem tacky to include the amount????



  2. Chris says:

    don’t include the amount

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