Being Seated For Lunch or Dinner

As I watched the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, I was very surprised to see the difficulty the banquet managers had getting the guests to take their seats at the Inaugural Luncheon.  While millions of Americans watched, political officials, high ranking dignitaries, and even former presidents continued to stand and talk while announcements to take their seats were repeatedly made.  Uniformed personnel were ignored as they walked through the crowd asking guests to please take their seats so the luncheon could begin.

What message did this behavior send to the many young children watching?

When attending a luncheon or dinner, the host or hostess will announce lunch or dinner is ready to be served.  At this time, you should move to the dining room to be seated as soon as possible.  Politely end any conversation you may be having and do not stop to have an in depth conversation with another guest.  Find your table.  Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know at your table and be seated.

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