A Wine Glass Tip For Casual Entertaining

A recently married client told me she would like to host a dinner party, but had to wait until she could afford to purchase the appropriate crystal to serve wine in.

It is true there a specific shaped glasses for types of wine.  Big, bold red wines should be served in a glass with a larger bowl so the wine can breathe and the bouquet can be appreciated.  White wines are typically served in a narrower glass while champagne might be served in a tall fluted glass.

Riedel glassware is very specific with the shape of the glass claiming the shape allows the wine to spill on to the appropriate taste buds of the tongue to enjoy the wine to its fullest potential.

If you are planning a very formal dinner, you should have the appropriate crystal for each course being served.  However, if you just want to have friends over for a lovely evening of dining, you may want to consider purchasing a good quality all-purpose wine glass.

It’s much better to enjoy the company of friends than not because you don’t have the appropriate crystal.


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