Test Fabrics For Wrinkles – Professional Attire

Professionals frequently have days when they have to look as crisp and neat at a dinner meeting as they did at their early morning staff meeting.  One key to mastering this skill is to select professional attire made with quality fabrics that wear well.

Before purchasing an item of clothing, give it the wrinkle test.  Scrunch the fabric in your hand and hold for a few seconds.  After releasing the fabric, observe how the fabric looks.  Does it wrinkle?  If so, are the wrinkles falling out?  If the wrinkles do not fall out, this item may not be a good addition to your professional wardrobe.

Because I like to spend my time doing things other than ironing, I give this test to all my clothing purchases, casual and professional, so I can always look my best with a minimal amount of care for my wardrobe.

Also, consider giving this test to clothing before selecting it to pack in a suitcase for a trip.  Making the right clothing selections before you arrive will allow you to look your best in a moment’s notice while on the road.

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