Valentine’s Day – Don’t Overlook The Little Things

I was shopping in a department store today and overheard customers stressing over Valentine’s Day.  Men were complaining about the expense of buying flowers and gifts.  Women were complaining about the men in their lives not giving them the right gift.

I felt so sorry for these people.  They were so caught up in the materialism of the holiday and appeared to have forgotten the courtesies of giving and accepting gifts.

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating relationships with people who are special in our lives.  We should give a gift because we want do something special for someone, not because we are expected to.  On the flip side, we should never expect a gift or complain about any gift given to us, but should be gracious for receiving a gift at all.

When you care about someone, you should foster your relationship by expressing your appreciation for them throughout the year. Don’t expect one big day in February to fill your quota for the year.  Help with a household chore, give a back rub, hand them a warm towel when they come out of the shower, wash their car, or go out to dinner just because it’s a Tuesday or Wednesday.

This doesn’t mean it’s all right to skip Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive material gifts.  Do simple things that are meaningful and will be remembered.  Cook a dinner at home together and dine by candlelight.  It might be fun to look through cookbooks and shop for those special ingredients together.  Pick up a favorite dessert to share.  Surprise your SO with breakfast and cut the toast into heart shapes.  Write a meaningful poem.

You may even consider expanding your appreciation to the friends who support you throughout the year.  Call them on the phone or e-mail them to say you’re thinking of them and want to thank them for being there for you.  Did someone make you laugh or did they listen to you when you were down?  This would be a great time to thank them for being a friend.

Our four-legged friends who are always there with unconditional love may enjoy an extra long walk in the park.  Your heart would also benefit from the exercise.

Just think of the many things money can’t buy.  A loved one or friend who can’t get around or is in a nursing home may cherish the gift of time you spend with them.

Most importantly, no matter what day of the year it may be, tell them why you love them.

Coming straight from my heart, I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who read my postings.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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