Always Have a Tissue Handy

It’s that time of year again when our noses tend to do more than we consciously ask of them.  They run, sneeze, tickle, and clog up.  Most annoyingly, they do these things at the most inconvenient times such as when you’re giving a presentation, in an interview, or on a date.

To out smart the foul plays of our noses, I suggest having a tissue available at all times to handle all unsuspecting circumstances. It is most improper to use alternatives to the tissue such as your sleeve, hand, or on-going sniffling.

Place a tissue in your pocket before leaving the house. Since ladies don’t always have pockets in their attire, they may want to place a tissue in their handbag or tuck one in the sleeve of their outfit.

You may even want to consider purchasing a small pack of tissues to have in your desk drawer, briefcase, coat pocket or purse.  You will not only have enough to take care of your nasal needs, but can come to the rescue of others too.

Remember, what goes in the pocket, must come out.  Please don’t forget to take the tissue out of your pocket at the end of the day.  A tissue is not welcome when discovered in the laundry at the end of the wash cycle.

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  1. KB says:

    You start to cry and your nose suddenly starts dripping. If you have forgotten to put a tissue in your pocket that day (which you normally do) and find yourself without one, and nobody around you has one, worst case scenario, what should you do? In this case, is your sleeve the least of the evils? What if you are in a situation where you don’t feel like you can just excuse yourself and leave to go to the bathroom or something? I always worry about worse case scenarios.

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