Helping a Lady with Her Coat – Dating Etiquette

A true gentleman will always help a lady with her coat.

To help her put the coat on, stand behind the lady and hold the coat open at her waist level.  This allows the lady to reach her arms back and find the armholes.  Once her hands are in the armholes, the gentleman raises the coat up to her shoulders.

Never hold the coat higher than waist level.  Doing so makes it difficult for the lady to reach the armholes.

Also, always offer to hang or check the lady’s coat when you arrive at your destination.  To check a coat, take both your coat and her coat to the coat check and get a claim check(s) or ticket(s) for them.  When you are ready to leave, present the claim check(s) or ticket(s) at the coat check.  Remember to place a tip of a dollar per coat in the tip jar.

The gentleman will help the lady put her coat on before he puts his on.

Ladies, never forget to say thank you to the gentleman when he helps you with your coat.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Great post! I was wondering, when a lady is hosting a party, a gentleman leaves and she hands him his coat. How should she proceed? Should she help him with the coat or simply hand it to him? What if he is struggling to find a sleeve? Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,


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