Responsibilities of an Usher – Wedding Etiquette

If you are asked to be an usher in a wedding, the groom or couple most likely asked you because they value your relationship, trust you, and respect you.  It is an honor to be involved in the most celebrated ceremony in a couple’s lifetime together.

As an usher, you have the following responsibilities:

1) Dress in specific clothing selected by the wedding couple.  You may have to rent a tuxedo.

2) Attend any pre-wedding parties you are invited to.

3) Seat the wedding guests.

4) Placing the white liner in the aisle for the bride to walk on.

5) Run any last minute errands for the groom or wedding couple.

6) Sit at the bridal table during the reception if there is one.

7) Pose for wedding pictures.

8) Dance with the bridesmaids.

9) Contribute to an usher’s wedding gift.

10) Make sure everything runs smoothly for the wedding couple.

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