Someone double dipped. What should I do?

Dear Sandy,

During a party I was hosting at my home, I was horrified to see one of my guests dip her chip back into the chip dip after taking a bite.  I didn’t know how to handle the situation, so I ignored it.  I’m sure there is a better solution.  What should I do if this happens again?


Donna, Dayton, Ohio

Dear Donna,

If you observe someone double dipping at one of your social gatherings, simply walk over to the bowl, pick it up, and say, “Excuse me while I freshen this plate up.”  Take the bowl into the kitchen and use a clean spoon to scoop out the area where the double dipping occurred.  If you have extra dip, you may also discard the first dip and replace it with fresh dip.

It is important to never embarrass a guest.  At times, we have to do extra work behind the scenes to make sure all of our guests have an enjoyable time.


Sandy Hyde

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