Let Your Partner Sleep – Bedroom Etiquette

If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, be courteous and try not to wake your partner up.  One tired person in a relationship the next day can be difficult, but two can be disastrous!

If you can’t sleep:

1)  Do not toss and turn as if you’re angry with the bed. Your partner can feel that.

2)  Fluffing and slamming pillows only increases the heart rate making it even more difficult to sleep. I don’t believe outward aggression is the answer in this circumstance.

3)  Doctors do advise you to get up and read.  Please do so somewhere other than the bedroom. Turning the light on will wake your partner.  This holds true for the TV too.

4)  No heavy sighs or huffs and puffs. In spite of what you may think, your partner will not give you sympathy if you wake them up.

5)  If your snoring wakes you, it will wake your partner as well. Try applying breath strips to your nose or discuss other alternatives with your doctor.

6)  If you can’t control a coughing fit, find another room to sleep in.

7)  If Fido asks you to take him out, don’t wake your partner to tell them. Just get up quietly and take the dog out.  Celebration with the dog is not required upon your return either.

8)  If it’s too hot, too cold, or you have to use the restroom, find a solution on your own. It does not take a rocket scientist or your partner to figure these problems out.

If you have something sweet and romantic to tell your partner, then by all means, go ahead and wake them up!  I’m sure they won’t mind! 8)

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