Revovling Doors

When entering and exiting a revolving door, these etiquette tips will help you navigate through the door with ease.

1.  If the door is in motion, a higher ranking or older person should enter first.

2.  If the door is not already moving, a host, younger person, stronger person, or lower-ranking person should enter to push the door into motion.

3.  After entering the revolving door, help push the door to keep it moving.  Don’t rely on the efforts of others.

4.  Be aware of other people in the door.  If you are in a hurry, do not push the door so hard that it starts to whip around.  This could be very dangerous.

5.  Upon exiting the door, keep moving.  Do not stop in front of the door to decide where you need to go, text message, look around, or have a conversation.  There are people continuing to exit behind you.

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