Be Courteous in the Gym

I was the only person exercising in the fitness center early this morning when a married couple walked in.  Without asking, they turned the lights off, changed the television station, and sprayed a disinfectant on the machines nearby creating a floating cloud of mist I almost choked on when inhaling.

I don’t expect to have the fitness center to myself.  I’m more than happy to share, but it would have been nice if this couple at least said hello or good morning.  It would have been even nicer if they asked me if I minded if they turned the lights out, changed the television station, or sprayed their disinfectant.  The lights and the TV really didn’t bother me.  The disinfectant did.  How did they know I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to it?

When sharing the gym or fitness center with others, please be courteous and ask other people who are exercising if they mind if you make a change they will all be effected by. This is especially important if someone was there before you.

The actions of this couple today are no different than a child coming into a room to play and taking the toys away from the other children.  Which they also did by jumping on the weight machines I was using in between my reps.  It’s not like it was crowded or there were no other machines.  They insisted on using the machines I was using at the time.

I came home to finish my workout.  I hope they have a good one.

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