Business Presentations – Arrive Early

When giving a business presentation, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow yourself enough time to do a technical check and an overview of the presentation room.

Technical Checklist:

1. Do you have power?

2. Are there any electrical cords in your way?

3. Is your equipment functioning properly?

4. Is the room lighting properly adjusted or adjustable?

5. Microphone sound check

6. Is your visual program running properly?

7. Do you have a sufficient number of handouts?

8.  Do you have extra batteries for backup?

Room Considerations:

1. Temperature – not too hot or too cold?

2. Sufficient number of chairs?

3. Is the furniture arranged so everyone can see you and your visuals?

4. Eliminate potential of outside noise if possible.

5.  Close blinds or draperies if needed to optimize visual presentation.

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